The face-to-face meeting in Auckland 2020 has been POSTPONED due to COVID-19.

We have invited prominent researchers, influencers and industry speakers who will give a short, 7-10-minute, presentation on their research and then Kim Hill, the host RNZ’s Saturday Morning Show, will moderate the session facilitating discussion and inviting questions.

The topic of this year’s panel is ‘Carnivorism, Vegetarianism, or Veganism for our Health and Environment – Which ism is it?’

Our panelists include:


Raniera Rewiri, is a young māori male vegan. He whakapapa to Te Whakatohea, Tūhoe, Te Arawa and Ngāpuhi but grew up in the small-town community of Whakatane. What drives him is Te Ao Māori, hauora, self-development, entrepreneurship and growth.

Presentation: Being Māori is the best part about me and my journey through food and being “The PlantBasedMāori” has opened up a way of living that allows me to positively contribute to something bigger than myself.

I once learnt that in order to grow as an individual, the boundaries of perceived comfort zones needed to be tested or breached. In 2018 I implemented this understanding by setting new challenges every month that would provoke breakthroughs, breakdowns, lessons and new opportunities to develop myself as a person. Those challenges included, doing 100 press ups every day of the month, going takeaway free for a month, learn a new word, learn a whakatauki or proverb, go vegetarian for a month and then vegan for a month. Somewhere along the journey my identity and state of consciousness shifted and the process of unlearning started to unfold. It was my journey through veganism that provided the profound realisations and uncovered the truth of the deeper meaning that the food on our plates actually have.

I believe the food choices that are made on a day to day basis matter, especially if this is viewed through a long-term perspective. How will this meal contribute to my health when I am 80 years old? If I consume this meat or dairy product what will the state of the land and waterways be like for the generations to follow? How many more animals need to be slaughtered for human consumption? It was these questions that guided me to believe that choice I made to only consume plant-based foods enables me to positively contribute to something bigger than myself.

ISBNPA Keynote - Raniera Rewiri

Raniera Rewiri will be presenting on: 

Food Conscious Māori

Simon Thornley, is a Public Health Physician, lecturer and researcher in the section of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Auckland. My research interests include epidemiological methods, low carbohydrate and low sugar approaches to diet, and the link between scabies and important diseases of childhood, such as acute rheumatic fever. Outside of work, I like to fix and ride bicycles, and I dabble in computing and electronics projects.

Presentation: Like many medical graduates of my era, I grew up with the notion that saturated fat should be avoided and that eating this substance would lead me and my patients down the road to cardiovascular disease and early death. Since that time, and since studying epidemiology, I have re-examined the evidence for dietary interventions. I found compelling evidence that sugar damaged teeth, widened waist lines and laid down fat in the pancreas, liver and blood vessels. I have also been introduced to the growing evidence that shows that refined starches are problematic, particularly for individuals who are insulin resistant. I contrasted this evidence with that for avoiding saturated fat and found a profound difference in strength of evidence. In this talk, I will compare and contrast the evidence for these three dietary interventions. I will draw upon both my own and others published research. 

Simon Thornley will be presenting on:

Eating meat: should we or shouldn’t we?

Kim Hill, the host of RNZ’s Saturday Morning show, has built a reputation as one of New Zealand’s most skilled and respected current affairs interviewers. 

Before she started as the host on the Saturday Morning show in April 2002, Kim was the presenter of the daily morning news programme Nine To Noon for nine years, and before that RNZ’s flagship news shows Checkpoint and Morning Report. Among the many thousands of famous (and infamous) people she has interviewed over her career are the Dalai Lama, and Monica Lewinsky.

Her domestic and international awards include the 2012 International Radio Personality of the Year award from the Association for International Broadcasting, and a 2013 New York Festival Gold Award for Best Talk Show Host.

Kim grew up in Shropshire (the English country bordering Wales), before arriving in New Zealand with her parents aged 15  A BA in French and German at university (Massey and Otago) was followed by jobs working behind a bar and as a massage therapist. She then studied at Canterbury University’s Postgraduate School of Journalism before joining Radio New Zealand as its Greymouth reporter.

ISBNPA Keynote - Kim Hill

Moderator, Kim Hill

More panelist details coming soon.